CIL Guiding Principles



  • To work from the bottom up, as a grassroots organisation led by people with disabilities, to ensure that decision making within the organisation is led by people with disabilities.
  • To work from a rights based approach based on the principles of community development particularly equality, capacity building, empowerment, awareness raising, inclusion, collective action and social justice.
  • To deliver peer designed and led supports and services in a timely efficient and person centred way.
  • To deliver comprehensive independent services with professionalism and expertise from a person centred approach.
  • To listen to Leaders and respect their individual needs.
  • To provide services and supports and to implement change in relation to social, economic, political and environmental change.
  • To work in partnership and collaboration with others to share expertise, access mainstream services and avoid duplication.
  • To interact with the community with openness and integrity.
  • To approach all work with respect to the autonomy and the diversity of the network of CILs.
  • To operate in accessible manner and to ensure that all events projects and resources are designed and delivered with accessibility at the core.