Education and Training

The CIL Education and Training Department






Education and Training

The role of the CIL CMH Education & Training Committee is to identify and address the educational and training needs of Leaders, Personal Assistants and the wider community.

Background & Committee Development

From 2006 to 2008 activities associated with education and training were progressed by Study Board Committee. The activities of the Study Board Committee included:

Internal survey across CILs to identify training needs (2006)

  • Result: Identified a need for standardized high quality training for Leaders and Personal Assistants (PAs)

National Training Needs Analysis in partnership with Open Training College (OTC)

  • Result: Full report published in November 2007 and results presented to CIL Network at the Council meeting in Tullamore (October 2008). Briefing leaflet on the National Training Needs Analysis report.

Disability Studies Certificate in partnership with NUI Maynooth the course was developed and administered in conjunction with the Study Board committee.

  • Result: The Certificate has been redesigned, developed and is delivered in conjunction with CIL CMH on an ongoing basis. Further information on the Certificate in Disability Studies.

Education & Training

Education and training were identified as key priorities for CIL CMH in its subsequent Strategic Plan. In accordance with the CIL CMH Strategic Plan, launched in January 2009, the former Study Board has been renamed as Education & Training Committee. This recommendation was based on feedback from members during the Strategic Planning process of CIL. The Committee has since developed a new Terms of Reference and expanded its membership and role.


If you would like further information on the Education & Training Committee, if you would like to become a member of the committee or if you would like further detail on the Certificate in Disability Studies, please contact CIL email