CIL Network Ireland


The CIL Network

The CIL Network provides a forum for the nationwide autonomous CILs to come together in a structured manner.


In 2005 CIL CMH set about reinvigorating the support structure offered to national CILs. The resulting Terms of Reference for the Network remained in place until 2008. Under this structure each CIL was represented on a National Network Council by two nominated representatives. The Council’s main body of work was prioritized and acted upon by three elected Council Officers, one of whom acted as the Chairperson of the Network. The Council acted as a clearinghouse for information between the CILs and met three times per annum.

In 2008 CIL CMH was unanimously endorsed by the Network to represent CILs nationally. Since then the Network has undergone a period of transition from a National structure to a regional structure designed to maximize economies of scale and expertise at a local level.

Current Structure:

The Network no longer holds a hierarchical type structure but rather guides the work of CIL CMH through a bottom-up user driven approach. The CIL Network is now separated into four regions: Dublin, Leinster, Munster and the West. Meetings are held four times per annum at a regional level. During these meetings CILs set the operational priorities for CIL CMH for the coming quarter and review the work output of the organisation over the past three month term. Opportunities are also provided for Networking with a different regional CIL hosting each meeting. Meetings take the form of focus group sessions and are open to the Management, Board members, and key staff of each CIL. 



Further Information:

For further information on the CIL Network please contact the Network Support Officer, Susan O’Brien on 086 171 2648.