Center for Independent Living

Carmichael House, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7
Tel: +353 (0)1 873 04 55 | Email:

Leadership and Representation

The Center for Independent Living’s work will continue to be led and represented by disabled people at all levels. CIL will create structures to generate evidence-based policies and expertise based on lived experience.

What we will do

  • Actively promote CIL and the philosophy of Independent Living across the country through all forms of communication to ensure that disabled people are aware of and can actively become part of the Independent Living Movement.
  • Create structures at a regional and national level for CIL members to engage in dynamic and creative spaces to generate collective policies to represent the organisation.
  • Promote active membership engagement in CIL spaces through face to face group meetings and the use of technology to support virtual real time and non-real time participation.
  • Share CIL policy processes to ensure collective ownership.
  • Provide training and supports to build the capacity of CIL representatives.
  • Ensure that those in leadership roles are supported by members through peer support to be authentic voices by creating structures to generate policy discussions.
  • Create ways for those in leadership roles to provide feedback on CIL’s represent-ation work locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Develop specific strategies to engage and mentor young disabled people to ensure the active involvement of these future Leaders of the Independent Living Movement.
  • Support CIL representatives to increase the visibility of disabled people in discuss-ions on equality and social justice though all forms of media.
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